Benoit Properties Sponsors The Chorlton Classic

Around 300 amateur runners of all ages and abilities took part in the Chorlton Classic, the first track race event of its type in the popular south Manchester suburb.

Sponsored by Benoit Properties International, the event was organised by the local Chorlton Runners club and included nine races for groups of different speeds and with a total distance of 5,000m.

Historically track races in Manchester have been limited to the fastest runners which can make them seem intimidating to those who are not at the same standard. The aim was to give everyone a chance to compete at their own level, and the organisers hope to make it a regular event.

The venue for the Chorlton Classic was Longford Park, which is close to the Royal Canal development where Benoit Properties is offering a range of one and two-bedroom properties. Matt Lavin, who runs Benoit Properties’ Manchester office, says: “The whole event was organised by volunteers and there was a real community spirit – it was a really positive experience.

“We were delighted to be affiliated with Chorlton Runners and to invest back into the local community. Groups and events like this are what make living in South Manchester so enjoyable, and we are committed to contributing to supporting further events in the future.”

The fear and excitement for first-time track runners was captured by one participant who commented: “I’ve never run in any kind of track race before and I was in two minds about whether I should enter. . . When the gun went off I was terrified. What if I fall over? What if I come last? But as I ran and the music played, all those worries went away and I could hear the voices of people I count as friends cheering my name; it was intoxicating and the time flew by. I felt joyful and empowered. . . I felt like a runner.”


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