Benoit Properties Visits South Africa

At Benoit Properties, we strongly believe in the value of meeting our clients face to face. As leading experts in property investment, we like to go in depth with our clients to understand the heart of their investment strategy.

As part of our objective to ensure that we keep our clients well informed about upcoming opportunities plus the detail around offshore investment we undertake a number of visits around the globe every year to meet with our clients in person.

In September, property consultant Tommy Zajac touched down in Johannesburg to meet with our South African clients. With meetings taking place at the Winston Hotel between the 19th and 24th September, clients used this opportunity to speak face to face with representatives of Benoit Properties to discuss our property opportunities in locations as diverse as the UK, USA, Thailand and across Europe.

We spoke to a diverse range of people wishing to invest in property, from those who looking for a Rand Hedging opportunity, or via direct or indirect offshore investments, to buyers looking at seeking an investment opportunity with the potential as a retirement property.

Property Consultant Tommy Zajac says “As always we had an excellent time meeting with clients in South Africa. It’s a great opportunity to better understand the needs of our investors. There is nothing quite like having a discussion in person to get a better understanding of exactly what type of opportunity will match with someone’s needs.”

As part of our commitment to offering the best advice and investment opportunities, we put on events around the world for our clients to get more information about offshore investing.


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