Bodrum – The Latest Luxury Hotspot

Dubbed the “St Tropez of Turkey” Bodrum is seeing an increase of wealthy visitors from around the globe who are seeking to enjoy a luxury location for their holidays.

Both Condé Nast Traveler and Bloomberg named Bodrum one of the best places to travel in 2019, with Bloomberg suggesting travelers skip “overdeveloped Bali in favor of Bodrum, where a five-star-resort renaissance is under way.” The publication pointed out the recent high-profile openings in Bodrum of trendy luxury resorts such as Six Senses and Edition Hotels.

Additionally Jenny Southan, the founder of Globtrender described is an emerging “hotspot for celebrities, models, upper-class bohemians and the monied elite.”

Thanks to this global exposure, Bodrum is seeing an upturn in visitors outside of Europe who are looking to go to the latest ‘must see’ destination. 

Super Yachts and Celebrities
Milta Bodrum Marina is located at the centre of the Bodrum and this facility is Aegean’s and Mediterranean’s most elite marina, capable of hosting super yachts up to 135 metres in length, and has changed the nature of the region, with more designer shops, fine dining restaurants and upmarket nightclubs opening to cater to the changing face of tourism in the area.

Visitors have included Bill Gates, Tom Hanks, Kate Moss, Beyoncé and the Jaggers. Indeed, thanks to it’s fairly serene and laid back ambience, Bodrum attracts a flood of visitors looking to take advantage of it’s combination of laid back lifestyle with upmarket amenities.

Thanks to recommendations from some of the leading travel publications, this trend is very much set to continue into 2019.

World Leading Hotels
Recent high profile openings of leading premium hotels in Bodrum has piqued the interest of travellers from across the globe.

Indeed, the Mandarin Oriental, considered one of the most luxurious resorts in Bodrum has added villas in addition to its rooms and suites which, of the largest can command an eye watering $23,000 dollars per night.

Additionally smaller on trend boutique hotels such as Nikki Beach and Lux Bodrum offer guests fantastic amenities in very contemporary settings and attracts those wishing to soak up the affluent atmosphere at more affordable prices.

The opening of the Six Senses in late 2018 has caused somewhat of stir in the travel world. With a 10,000sqm spa, and a contemporary design which complements the surrounding natural sites, it has without a doubt been crowned the go to destination for wellness retreats.

A Fantastic Investment Opportunity
While the renaissance of Bodrum as a playground for the rich and famous continues to gain momentum, it’s still very much an area which all visitors can enjoy and afford.

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