Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina Voted Best in the World

Considered a game-changer in the Bodrum economy, Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina has been voted the best Super Yacht Marina in the world for 2018-2019 by the leading global yachting institution The British Yacht Harbour Association (TBYHA).

Offering 620 berths with the capacity to hold super yachts up to 135 metres in length, the marina has completely transformed the area, making it a mecca for those wishing to enjoy a luxury lifestyle in what is now dubbed the Turkish Riviera.

A super-yacht superstar
Completed in 2012, Yalikavak Marina is Turkey’s first high-capacity mega-yacht Marina. With it’s wealth of luxury shopping stores, Beach and Boutique hotels, and upscale restaurants and nightclubs, it’s fast becoming a playground of the rich and famous.

Holding 5 Golden Anchors, the marina industry scheme which has been developed with the specific objective of raising standards and providing customer centric services, Bodrum Yalıkavak Marina itself is well equipped for those wishing to enjoy the area’s abundance of places to enjoy.

Including those luxury touches with a helipad plus golf car shuttle within the marina, every part of the development has been conceived with luxury in mind.

A new Riviera
Now, rather than the small fishing-orientated place it had been, the marina became an important part of the town, and that is now reflected in the shops and businesses that surround the area.  The potential for investment in this area is huge and both the town and the marina are ripe for those seeking to be a part of the phenomenal growth that is happening.

The Bodrum area has always been a wonderful holiday destination, but with the addition of the well-maintained marina at Yalıkavak has given the area even more to offer, catering for the high end traveller. And with a host of high end  restaurants, boutique hotels and designer stores Yalıkavak marina is now a major hub of luxury tourism, and as it grows, it is fast becoming a go-to destination for many sailing the Aegean, often appearing at the top of chosen travel destinations by the likes of Conde Naste, and the Guardian Travel.

Invest in Bodrum
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