Consultant Interview – Thailand Insight

Thailand Market Insight – Consultant Interview

As a hub of South East Asia, Thailand is growing in popularity among property investors keen to take advantage of both it’s gateway location, and it’s booming tourist industry.

Benoit Properties specialise in bringing the best investment opportunities in Thailand to the market, offering our clients a diverse range of property suitable for any investment portfolio.

Property Consultant Sikander Khan explains why Thailand is such a hit with property investors across the globe.

What is so attractive about Thailand for buyers?

“The great thing about Thailand is that is offers a diverse range of investment opportunities. You have Bangkok, which is one of the worlds fastest growing cities, but offers buyers an entry price that just cannot find in cities of a similar size. The development of Suvarnabhumi Airport has meant that millions of visitors come into the city on an annual basis, as it serves as a gateway to so many other leading destinations.  Outside of the city, Phuket has seen growth of 11.6% in visitor numbers in the past year too, and Pattaya saw an estimated 15 million visitors  in 2017. ”

Who is investing in Thailand Property?

“Thailand is attractive to buyers around the globe. For those from the Western hemisphere it’s a destination that offers a great place to have a holiday home, or a retirement opportunity, as the entry rates are low, and the cost of living is so affordable in comparison with home. The ex-pat community in many areas is thriving, so buyers are aware that they can enjoy a great retirement there.

We have also seen a lot of interest in Thailand property from buyers in Asia. In comparison with prices in cities such as Shanghai or Hong Kong, Bangkok offers our Asian buyers the opportunity to purchase high specification property at a fraction of the cost that they would in their home country. With flights being just 4 hours away from Beijing, they are also looking at coastal and island locations which as well as offering great rental returns, can also be used as a  holiday home.”

Why Should Investors Choose Thailand?

“Thailand offers investors a diverse range of properties to add to their portfolio. The expanding infrastructure, combined with it’s economic growth make it a country of real interest for those wishing to see opportunity for capital growth, combined with excellent entry rates.

The growing population, combined with a very healthy tourist industry mean that rental properties are very much in demand, and there is not really any issues here with seasonality.

Of course, like any investment, buyers should undertake due diligence prior to purchasing, which is why Benoit Properties are here to support our investors in sourcing property which suits their individual requirements and those of their portfolio.”

At Benoit Properties, we have a range of investment opportunities across Thailand in areas including Bangkok, Pattaya, Bang Saray, Koh Samui and Phuket.


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