Mexico City


Mexico City, a sprawling metropolis in North America, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage, dynamic economy, and vibrant lifestyle. As one of the oldest cities on the continent, it attracts millions of tourists and offers promising opportunities for real estate investment.

Mexico City stands as the economic powerhouse of Mexico, contributing significantly to the nation’s GDP. The city’s diverse economy encompasses finance, technology, manufacturing, and more. This economic diversity and sustained growth make Mexico City a prime destination for investors. Recent infrastructure upgrades, such as the expansion of Mexico City International Airport and improved public transportation networks, have enhanced its livability and economic potential.

Mexico City draws approximately 13 million annual visitors, captivated by its blend of historical landmarks and modern attractions. Tourists flock to iconic sites like the ancient pyramids of Teotihuacan, the vibrant Coyoacán district, and the Frida Kahlo Museum. The city’s bustling markets, renowned cuisine, and vibrant arts scene further enrich the visitor experience, with festivals like the Day of the Dead parade showcasing the city’s cultural depth and attracting international attention.

While primarily known for its urban landscape, Mexico City also offers green retreats such as Chapultepec Park, one of the largest city parks in the world. This urban oasis features museums, lakes, and a zoo, providing a serene escape from the city’s hustle and bustle. Additionally, the nearby Xochimilco canals offer unique boating experiences amidst picturesque surroundings.

Mexico City’s real estate market is booming, offering competitive rental prices and high yields. Neighbourhoods like Colonia San Rafael and Bucareli are particularly attractive due to their cultural vibrancy and investment potential. The combination of affordable property prices and strong demand for rentals makes Mexico City a hotspot for real estate investors.

Areas such as Roma, Condesa, Polanco and San Rafael are known for their eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary culture. These neighbourhoods offer trendy cafes, art galleries, and upscale restaurants, creating vibrant communities that appeal to both locals and visitors. The rich cultural scene in these districts underscores Mexico City’s reputation as a cosmopolitan hub.

Mexico City’s business environment is bolstered by pro-business reforms and investment incentives introduced by the Mexican government. Free trade zones and economic policies aimed at attracting foreign investment have positioned the city as a key player in the global economy. These measures have facilitated economic growth and created numerous opportunities for business development.

Our experts say

“Mexico City’s blend of economic vitality, cultural richness and strategic investment opportunities makes it a standout destination for investors. The city offers a dynamic living environment and significant potential for return on investment. With its thriving tourism sector, diverse economy, and ongoing infrastructure improvements, Mexico City is well-positioned for continued growth.

Real estate here remains highly affordable compared to many other global markets, offering excellent value for investors. The city’s vibrant arts scene and culinary landscape provide a high quality of life that attracts both locals and expats.

Mexico City’s strategic location and improved connectivity make it a central hub for both business and leisure, further enhancing its appeal. For investors seeking a blend of cultural richness and economic opportunity, Mexico City stands out as a premier choice.”

– Kevin Martin, Senior Property Consultant

How to get there

By road

The city is connected by an extensive network of highways, making it easily accessible from other parts of Mexico and neighbouring countries.

By train

Mexico City’s developing rail system provides a convenient option for travelling within the city and to nearby regions, enhancing its connectivity and appeal.

By air

Mexico City International Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional Benito Juárez) is the primary gateway to the city, offering extensive connections across North America, Europe, and Latin America.


Mexico City enjoys a mild climate year-round, providing comfortable weather for residents and visitors alike. The city’s elevation at over 2,200 meters (7,200 feet) above sea level contributes to its temperate climate.


During the spring and summer months, temperatures range from 12°C to 28°C (54°F to 82°F). This period, from April to September, is ideal for exploring outdoor attractions, though it also coincides with the rainy season.


From October to March, temperatures are cooler, ranging from 5°C to 20°C (41°F to 68°F). This dry season offers clear skies and mild weather, perfect for sightseeing and enjoying the city’s numerous festivals and events.

Why invest

With a robust economy, growing tourism, and a booming real estate market, Mexico City offers abundant opportunities for investors. The city’s continued infrastructure development and cultural richness further enhance its investment appeal. With competitive property prices and high rental yields, this promising market can deliver significant returns.

In recent years, Mexico City has seen substantial improvements in its infrastructure, including the expansion of its international airport and the construction of new highways. The city has also witnessed a surge in luxury hotels and resorts, catering to the growing number of international visitors. These developments not only enhance the city’s appeal to tourists but also drive economic growth and create more favourable opportunities for investors.

Mexico City’s strategic location makes it easily accessible from various international destinations, including other Latin American countries, the U.S., and Europe. The majority of visitors arrive by air, with Mexico City International Airport handling a significant volume of passengers and providing direct connections to major cities worldwide.

The real estate market in Mexico City is poised for continued growth, with a projected population increase of 3.69% over the next five years. This population growth is expected to drive up housing demand, leading to higher property prices and rental rates. Additionally, the GDP forecast indicates an average annual growth of 5.3%, reinforcing the city’s economic stability and attractiveness to investors.

For those looking to maximise their returns, focusing on neighbourhoods experiencing gentrification can yield significant appreciation. These areas are undergoing rapid urban development and rising demand, offering investors the potential for substantial property value increases. Moreover, targeting properties near popular attractions and the city centre can enhance rental returns, particularly during peak tourism seasons.

Whether you are looking for long-term appreciation, high rental yields, or short-term rental opportunities, Mexico City offers a wealth of prospects that are hard to match. Investing in this dynamic metropolis promises not only substantial returns but also a chance to be part of one of the most exciting real estate markets in the world.