Earthly & Our Part in the “Natural Revolution”


We’d like to raise awareness of Earthly, one of our four chosen charities, and highlight some of the projects that are donations have helped fund in recent months. 

Earthly is leading a global movement, “The Natural Revolution”, to remove carbon, restore nature and support local communities. More than 500 companies around the world partner with Earthly to implement nature-based solutions. We are one of them.

Running an environmentally and socially sustainable business is important to us. With Earthly, we can reduce our carbon impact, improve livelihoods, and have a positive impact on the environment and communities.

Specifically, we were inspired by Earthly’s mission to remove 1Gt of carbon by 2030. Here’s how we are working with Earthly towards that goal.

Our Impact

1,000 trees planted

88.80t of carbon removed

125,969 Sq./m area supported

88.80 tonnes of carbon removed is the equivalent to removing the footprint of either:

725,490 Km driven in a car

22,200 Cheeseburgers

355 Hours flown

Our Projects

Benoit Properties partnered with Earthly in November 2021. Our first donation helped to plant one thousand Mangroves in Madagascar, removing 1.20t of Co2.

At this time, we also began supporting REDD+ Brazil Nut Concessions—a world-class REDD+ project focusing on rainforest conservation in Madre de Dios, Peru.

Our monthly donations help to reduce deforestation in over 300,000 hectares of the Peruvian Amazon through a sustainable market for forest Brazil nuts.

Brazil nuts are an important part of forest conservation because they only grow on trees exclusive to these native forests. If the areas aren’t protected, locals could lose their main source of income.

Known as Peru’s capital of biodiversity, Madre de Dios is home to some of the rarest wildlife in the world. Therefore, by preventing deforestation, REDD+ Brazil Nut Concessions also protects and sustains biodiversity.

The project has avoided 1.93 million carbon emissions, protected 48 endangered species, and improved the livelihoods of over 400 families to date. As a whole, an estimated 64,668,764 tCO2e will be secured from deforestation as stored carbon within the trees and soil.

Find out more about Earthly’s inspiring projects around the world.