Mauritius – An Investor’s Paradise

Nestled in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is known as a melting pot of the oldest civilizations. Mauritius comprises a total number of 16 islands and islets, each known for their exquisite beauty.

The location makes an ideal lifestyle investment for those who wish to retreat to their own piece of paradise, but also benefits from strong rental demand keeping a steady flow of income, with it’s year-round tropical climate. 


From its history of the Dodo and its famous rum, to its exquisite underwater waterfall, white sandy beaches, blue lagoons, and luxury resorts. It is not surprising that Mauritius has become a top destination for tourists, but it also offers an idyllic location for residential investment.

Mauritius has been recognised as the leading and fastest growing economy in Sub-Saharan Africa and has built a solid reputation for businesses as an investment destination, bringing prosperity to the country.

Mauritius is an ocean state with one of the largest exclusive economic zones in the world. It is a member of the African Union, COMESA, SADC and the Indian Ocean Rim, which means it benefits from no trade barriers. The country also enjoys preferential market access to several export destinations through trade agreements notably with the European Union and the US.

Thanks to it’s pro- foreign investment policies, Mauritius is attracting a wealth of businesses, attracted by it’s well developed digital infrastructure and affordable overhead costs. 

Culture and Safety

Mauritius is known for its political stability since its birth as an independent nation in 1968. With a government that is democratically elected every 5 years. There has been a focus on an economy that fosters foreign investment and entrepreneurship.

As the most liberalised country on the African continent other factors that ensure Mauritius offers such political stability include: 

  • Independence of the judicial system and political power offering  the same guarantees to foreigners as to Mauritian citizens. 
  • It’s welcoming approach to business investment
  • The separation of powers and the concern for good governance guarantee respect for civil liberties. 
  • Independence of the media

Tax advantages

Mauritius has become popular to foreign investors for a variety of reasons,  but its attractive tax system plays a critical role in securing it’s investors. This tax benefits include: 

  • Income tax is capped at 15 % in Mauritius.
  • Double taxation agreement signed between several countries and Mauritius, means that investors benefit from an exemption for real estate
  • The rate of land transfer tax is only 5 %.
  • No inheritance tax 
  • No capital gains tax.

A secure investment

Property value in Mauritius is conservatively expected to grow by 40% in USD terms in the forthcoming decade, making it an attractive and reliable location for investors.

A year-round tropical climate attracts tourists globally throughout the year, making it ideal for those wishing to capitalise on the demand for holiday lets. There is a strong rental demand on the island with rental yields averaging around 6%.

There is a strong community of expats in Mauritius, good private healthcare, as well as high standards of education facilities, including international schools, making longer term lets incredibly attractive.


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