5 Things to Do & See in Lisbon

More and more professionals are coming to the Portuguese capital for weekends and conferences. If you’re one of them, here are five things to do in Lisbon if you have a few hours to spare.

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The tech scene in Portugal is thriving, but the up-and-coming star of the show is—as the recent Web Summit showed—Lisbon. The capital’s start-ups are generating around €2.1bn, a threefold increase from ten years ago. Entrepreneurs and businesses are flooding into the area from all around the world, drawn by a favourable regulatory environment, a great quality of life and, of course, the weather.

So if you’re among the growing number of business people drawn to Lisbon, where should you spend your time?


One of the best-known areas of the city is Belem. It is where Portugal’s most famous explorers set off on their journeys around the world.

Today Belem is full of museums and landmarks such as the Maat Museum and Belem Palace, the official residence of Portugal’s president. You can also see Vasco de Gama’s burial place at Jeronimo’s Monastery.

Meanwhile, if you’re feeling peckish, you could taste the neighbourhood’s custard tarts—or Pastéis de Nata to be precise. They date back to 1834 when Jeronimo’s Monastery decided to start selling sweet treats. The best place to enjoy them is the Pateis de Belem Bakery, although at peak season it can be difficult to find a space.

Visit Alfama

For a more authentic taste of Lisbon try visiting the Alfama district. The old town is beautiful just to stroll around. Alternatively, if you’re pressed for time you can join a walking or Segway tour to cram as much in as possible.

Take a tour of the Miradouros de Lisboa

One of the things that you’ll take away from the city is the beautiful views. It’s built on seven hills, each of which offers a spectacular panorama. These viewpoints are called the Miradouros de Lisboa. If you have a day free and feel energetic, you could try and see as many as possible. It’s a great way to explore the city, experience its different viewpoints and bring back some great photos for friends and family back home.

The river run

Located next to the Altice Arena, where the Web Summit and several others take place, is a popular walking route along the Tagus river.

On the riverfront, you can take in many of the city’s sights, including Europe’s longest bridge, the Vasco de Gama bridge.

The total route to the bridge and back is a little over 7km and is a great way to kill some free time.


Not so long ago this riverfront destination was looking a little worse for wear. Today, after some much-needed regeneration it has experienced a remarkable turnaround. The area is now known for its beautiful art galleries including Galleria Francisco Fino, Underdogs Gallery and the Marvila Art District.

Whatever you’re looking for—whether it’s beautiful cityscapes, historic landmarks, fine dining or culture, Lisbon has got it covered. That, along with a vibrant and growing economy, is why this Capital city is becoming such a major part of the global tech scene.

Hopefully, on your next trip to Lisbon, you can mark these five fantastic things to do and see off your checklist.

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