Best Cruise Ship Routes Around the World for 2023

From beautiful Caribbean islands, to ancient ruins in Egypt, to the awe-inspiring Chilean fjords, a cruise can open doors to some of the most magnificent destinations on the planet. And this year, a whole host of new routes are setting sail.

What Makes Lisbon One of the Remote Working Capitals of the World

With the rise of the digital nomad, Lisbon has emerged as one of the remote working capitals of the world—thanks to its thriving tech scene, affordable cost of living and attractive visa programmes.

Uncovering the Best Beaches in South America

When on a mission to find the best beaches in South America, two countries stand above the rest. Brazil and Uruguay offer some of the most heavenly coastlines on the continent, and we've dug out the beaches you won't want to miss.

The Best Foodie Cities in Florida

When you think of Florida, you may conjure up its beautiful beaches or wealth of amusement parks, but it’s also known for its unique and diverse culinary scene. We explore three of the Sunshine State's best foodie cities.

Airbnb Announces Top Travel Destinations For 2023

Wondering where to jet off to this year? From enchanting coastal towns and vibrant metropoles to idyllic island cities, Airbnb has released its top travel destinations of 2023.

Phuket Opens the World’s First Thai Carnival Theme Park

Last September, "Carnival Magic" opened to the world. The 6.6-billion-baht park will increase Phuket's tourism offering as well as its appeal as a destination for families.

Top Things to Do in Liverpool in 2023

Whether it’s sport, music, art or anything else, Liverpool offers a wealth of attractions for people of all ages. We highlight some of the top things to do in Liverpool for 2023.

Abu Dhabi Property Market Booms with 27% Increase in Signed Deals

With the region experiencing rapid economic growth, the Abu Dhabi property market is looking promising. The number of signed deals climbed by 27.2% and prices rose by 8.5% in 2022.

Top Cities to Visit in Tuscany

From the excitement of Siena’s horse race to the iconic artwork of Florence, central Italy makes for some truly memorable getaways. We explore some of the top cities in the Tuscany region.

Ski Resorts Are Diversifying in the Face of Climate Change

With dwindling levels of snowfall, many are questioning how climate change will impact the world's ski resorts. The large majority have set out to expand their offering, although some destinations are in better stead than others to weather the storm.

Manchester to Welcome “DieCast”: A New 250,000sqft Venue

A brand-new venue is coming to Manchester, and it is already attracting a lot of attention. "DieCast" will add to the city's thriving hospitality and events scene—offering food, drink, and entertainment.

The 6 Best Rooftop Bars in Panama City, Panama

Where better to take in the Panama City skyline than one of its luxurious rooftop bars? We've narrowed down the top 6 rooftop bars to visit when in Panama City, Panama.