Cost of Living in Portugal is Now 26% Cheaper Than UK

The cost of living in Portugal is 26% lower than in the UK in 2023, according to the world's largest cost of living database.

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Portugal has long been popular with expats thanks to its relatively inexpensive cost of living, lively culture and of course, magnificent weather.

However, new figures from Numbeo have added an additional reason for Brits to consider a move. Recent data has revealed that the cost of living in Portugal is now on average 26.3% lower than living in the UK.

As Brits face increasing costs in almost every area of family life, Portugal is looking ever more attractive for those who are interested in starting a new life overseas. And with a number of incentives for Brits to make the move, including a range of attractive visas, it’s becoming an increasingly appealing option for many.

With the cost of groceries, energy costs and transportation all significantly lower than in Britain, those considering a move to Portugal could save up to £1,149 per month on basic living costs. This is great news for ex-pats looking for a new home abroad, with Portugal already being famed for its beautiful beaches, vibrant cities and picturesque villages.

Property Prices—Portugal vs UK

Property prices in Portugal are considerably lower than in the UK.

You can buy a one-bedroom apartment for less than £100,000. In comparison, similar properties in London start from around £400,000.

When looking at apartments, there’s a clear difference. In Portugal, the average price for a city centre apartment is around €2,938.35 per square metre, whereas, in the UK, it is a whopping £4,349.62 (€3824) per square metre.

Fuel and Energy

A key factor for many considering a move to Portugal is fuel costs, given the ongoing energy crisis. Numbeo data found that utilities are significantly cheaper in Portugal, averaging at €110.95 per month for an 85m2 apartment, compared with £186.73 (€163.54) in the UK.

Childcare costs

Moving to Portugal has long been seen as the preserve of retirees. However, younger families may benefit from much lower childcare expenses—238% lower than the UK, to be exact. In the UK, average preschool costs come in at a huge £1,030 every month, compared with just £304 a month in Portugal.

Standard of living

In addition to the financial benefits of living in Portugal, many consider the standard of living to be higher too. Portugal’s infrastructure is generally in a better condition than the UK and, with modern technology, internet speeds are faster too.

What’s more, it often tops polls for being friendly and welcoming. This, combined with its laid-back culture, beautiful scenery and rich history, makes Portugal a wonderful place to live.

Whether you are looking into overseas retirement or want to relocate your family abroad, this country has it all. With its stunning cities and landscapes, lower cost of living and all-around excellent quality of life, many are succumbing to the idea of starting a new life in Portugal.

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