Explore the Lisbon District Dubbed the Second Coolest in the World 

As Time Out names its coolest city neighbourhoods in the world, we dive into number two on the list: the wonderful Cais do Sodré in Portugal's capital, Lisbon. 

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Cais do Sodré Lisbon

Want to know where the cool kids hang out? Ask Time Out. The website has announced the top ten coolest hangouts around the world. At the top is Colonia Americana in Guadalajara, Mexico, but our eyes are drawn to number two on the list: Cais do Sodré in Lisbon.

How exactly you define “cool” is open to question. Time Out’s definition refers to “areas with accessible, cutting-edge culture and nightlife; brilliant and affordable food and drink; lively street life and big community vibes. They’re distinctive districts that you can walk across in half an hour or less, but could spend a whole day or more exploring. They’re great areas for people to live, visit and stay. They’re places that mix up the best of the old and new. Locals love them, and you will too…”

To make their decisions, they checked out the local area, rated the nightlife and grilled locals on what it was like to live there.

The result is this definitive top ten:

1. Colonia Americana – Guadalajara, Mexico;
2. Cais do Sodré – Lisbon, Portugal;
3. Wat Bo Village – Siem Reap, Cambodia;
4. Ridgewood – New York, USA;
5. Fim da Milha – Montreal, Canada;
6. Barrio Logan – San Diego, USA;
7. Shimokitazawa – Tokyo, Japan;
8. Cliftonville – Margate, UK;
9. Barrio Yungay – Santiago, Chile;
10. Cours Julien – Marseille, France

So what exactly makes Cais de Sodré so special? Like many of the best places in Lisbon, things were not always so cool and chic down here. This was once one of the seedier parts of the city. However, since then it has received a dramatic makeover, transforming it into one of the go-to places for a night out.

The district is flanked by Pink Street. With its colourful umbrellas, this has become home to the best up-and-coming chefs in the city. New restaurants are opening up, as well as a plethora of exciting new businesses.

During the day you may spend time browsing Lisbon’s biggest food market at Mercado da Ribeira. This is generally open from early morning to 2pm. It offers plenty of regional cheeses, wines, cuttlefish, clams and other seafood.

At night the attention turns to the restaurants and bars that fill the area. One of the most highly recommended destinations is the Station, a bar and restaurant across two floors. It’s a great place to grab a drink and some food while you watch the sun go down over the Lisbon cityscape.

Whatever time of day (or night) you come here, there is plenty to see and do. Cais do Sodré in Lisbon has its own unique vibe, offering exciting and eclectic dining experiences, vibrant culture and a chance to catch the latest trends before anyone else.

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