Golden Visas for Real Estate Investors: The Benefits of Obtaining EU Residency

Golden Visas can provide real estate investors with a path to EU residency and free travel throughout the Schengen Area. Discover some of the current programs on offer in Europe and the benefits of applying.

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Real Estate Investor Visas in the European Union provide an appealing pathway for non-EU citizens to obtain residency and, in some cases, eventual citizenship through investment in real estate. While several EU Golden Visas have been scrapped— notably in Portugal—there are still opportunities available in some countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece and Hungary.

Spanish Golden Visa

In Spain, the Golden Visa program requires a minimum real estate investment of €500,000. This program doesn’t just benefit the investor; it extends to their spouse and dependent children, ensuring the whole family can enjoy residency rights. One of the significant perks of this program is the freedom to travel within the Schengen Area, which encompasses most EU countries and some non-EU nations. While the path to citizenship is longer, requiring 10 years of continuous residency, the program offers stability and a gateway to the EU lifestyle.

Greece Golden Visa

Greece’s Golden Visa program is known for having the lowest investment threshold in the EU, at €250,000. This program is particularly family-friendly, covering not only the investor and their spouse but also children under 21 and the parents of both spouses. Like Spain, residency under this program allows for travel across the Schengen Area. Citizenship can be pursued after 7 years of residency, offering a faster track compared to Spain.

Hungary Golden Visa

A new Golden Visa is on the horizon in Hungary. Set to open to applications in July this year, the program is designed for non-EU and non-EEA nationals looking to gain residency in Hungary, along with access to the 27 European countries in the Schengen area. Real estate investors must invest a minimum of €250,000 in residential property to qualify. Unlike other similar visas, which typically grant residency for up to five years, Hungary’s Golden Visa residence permit lasts a whole decade. Visa holders can also apply to renew their residency for a further ten years once the initial term has passed.

Options in Italy

Italy’s Investor Visa program, while not exclusively focused on real estate, offers various investment options including a significant investment in real estate. The exact amount can vary, and the program includes options like a €500,000 investment in an innovative startup or €2 million in government bonds. The program grants residency rights and, like the other programs, allows travel within the Schengen Area. The route to citizenship in Italy typically requires 10 years of residency, similar to Spain.

Freedom to Travel

The Schengen Area is a significant draw for these Golden Visas, allowing residents to travel freely across most EU countries and some associated non-EU countries, facilitating easy travel for business or leisure.

The areas include most EU countries except for Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Ireland, and Romania. Non-EU countries like Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Liechtenstein are also part of this area.

The benefits of securing EU residency through real estate investment are manifold. Visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, access to a broader business market, high standards of living, and family inclusion are just a few. Additionally, these programs often open doors to citizenship, granting all the rights and privileges of EU citizens.

In short, Golden Visas offers investors the opportunity to experience the benefits of living in the EU. If you’re interested in making a real estate investment in Europe, get in touch to discover available properties and projects.

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