Is a New Build Home a Good Investment?

Newly built homes are spilling onto the market, particularly in growing cities and prime investment locations. This is leading many prospective homebuyers to ask: is a new build a good investment?

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In a property market that can be hard to predict, new builds offer the exciting opportunity you may have been waiting for.

As the housing sector struggles to keep up with demand, governments across Europe are promising to build more homes. That means a lot of new builds coming onto the market. While many people may shy away from these as being new and lacking in character, they can represent a great investment and save you money.

Here are some key reasons why a new build is a good investment.

Lower maintenance costs

Buying an old house can be risky, and the older it gets, the bigger that risk might be. At any time, you may find yourself hit with an alarming repair bill.

With a new build, the risk is naturally lower. Everything being new and shiny, you can expect a good few years of worry-free living.

Most will also offer warranties—in much the same way as you’d get when buying a new computer. If anything goes wrong in the first few years, you’ll usually be covered. That gives you a guarantee that you won’t have to foot the bill for a major repair for a good while.

Make it your own

When you buy most homes, you are just the latest in a long line of owners. You’ll have to live with many of their previous design choices and adjust them as best you can. With a new build, you can put your imprint on the house from the very beginning, shaping everything from the décor to the furnishings from the start.

This will also make the moving process much easier, as it will feel much more like your home when you arrive.

Cheaper to run

Yes, period properties can be beautiful—but these draughty, outdated structures can quickly become a money pit. New builds must adhere to the very latest energy efficiency guidelines. Around 80% of new builds have an energy efficiency rating of A or B. By comparison, only a few percent of older buildings can make the same case.

With a new build, you can get advanced state-of-the-art boilers built to the latest specifications, top-grade triple-glazed windows, or solar panels. All of these can drive down energy use, cutting your carbon footprint and slashing your energy bills. At a time when energy bills are heading for the stars, this is an important advantage.

New builds, then, might not have the best reputation, but these are houses built for the world we live in. They are in prime condition, energy efficient, and ideally suited to all the latest technologies. And better still, you can easily make them your own.

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is a new build a good investment