Lisbon Hosts Annual Web Summit Technology Conference

The annual Web Summit event in Lisbon attracts tech professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups and multinational companies from around the world to Portugal's thriving capital, and is expected to add €2bn to the city’s economy over the next ten years.

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The Web Summit in Lisbon 2022 was held in November and has, once again, proved to be an incredibly popular and successful event. Hailed by the New York Times as “a grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests”, Web Summit is a technology conference that everyone in the tech world wants to be involved in.

Thousands of attendees from around the world gathered in the Portuguese capital to explore and learn about the latest innovations in technology, network with industry leaders, and share ideas.

Web Summit Lisbon’s speakers

The event featured more than a thousand speakers from diverse backgrounds, such as entrepreneurs, investors, and academics.

Notable speakers to take the stage included Nathan Blecharczyk, the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Airbnb, renowned author Noam Chomsky, and Naomi Gleit, Head of Product at Meta (formerly Facebook). They discussed topics such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain.

Investor pitching

Of course, for many businesses, the opportunity to pitch their ideas to a wealth of potential investors makes attendance at Web Summit a must. Tech founders ultimately have access to those who may help them to obtain funding. Last year’s summit provided plenty of networking opportunities, with workshops and panels run by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and other big-name companies.

The event also showcased a wide array of startups from around the world who presented their prototypes and products to potential investors. This provided entrepreneurs with an opportunity to gain the attention they need to launch and grow their businesses. Additionally, Web Summit Lisbon 2022 offered participants the chance to attend workshops and talks on various topics, including how to create and sustain a successful business.


For many attendees, the highlight of the event was the networking opportunities on offer. In an ecosystem where startups and tech organisations are relying more than ever on collaboration, the ability to problem solve, share and interact with their peers is becoming ever more important. Attendees were able to connect, learn from industry leaders, and explore new business opportunities.

Overall, the 2022 edition of Web Summit Lisbon was a great success, with attendees praising both the quality of content and the organisation of the event. If you didn’t make it to this year’s summit, make sure you plan to attend in 2023! It promises to be even bigger and better.

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