Passengers at Portugal Airports Reach Historic Highs

Always a popular destination, Portugal's airports have been bustling with activity in 2023, setting records when it comes to passenger numbers.

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Starting 2023 on a high note, national airports across Portugal have consistently broken passenger records each month. By July, there was an aggregate passenger increase of 25.2% when compared with the same period in 2022. And it’s not a simple post pandemic recovery story; when pitched against 2019 for the same timeframe, passengers have soared by 11.8%.

Who’s Visiting Portugal by Plane?

A closer look at the first seven months reveals the United Kingdom as the predominant country for both incoming and outgoing flights—with a year-on-year growth of 20.8% for disembarked passengers and a 22.4% rise in embarked passengers.

France holds the second spot in terms of visitor volume from January to July. Moreover, with a 21.6% rise in incoming flights and a 22.2% increase in outgoing ones, France’s figures are certainly noteworthy. Spain, although in third place in terms of passenger numbers, displayed a staggering increase in both metrics, at 42.6% and 42.8%, respectively, against 2022.

As the busy summer holiday season, July particularly stands out, having witnessed a daily average of 117.2 thousand passengers arriving at national airports across the country.

This is not only a marked 12.4% rise from July 2022, which saw an average of 104.3 thousand passengers, but also an 11.1% surge from July 2019’s daily average of 105.5 thousand.

This July’s figures cement the month as having the highest average daily passenger count since records began, demonstrating that as a travel destination, Portugal is most definitely on the map.

Rising Tourism Figures

The upturn in passenger numbers points at a reinvigorated zest for travel to Portugal, a country known for its welcoming people and inviting Mediterranean climate.

This has translated to substantial gains for the Portuguese tourism sector, from hotels to local businesses, all poised to benefit from the influx.

Indeed, Portugal’s revenue from tourist activity increased more than 30% year on year in the first half of 2023, with overnight stays increasing by 18.8%, reflecting €622.1 million in total revenue.

What Does this Mean for the Property Market?

The rise in passenger numbers at Portugal airports, especially from affluent regions like the UK and France, can potentially signal greater foreign interest in the Portuguese property market. Both seasoned investors and individuals might view Portugal as an ideal locale for property investments, given its growing popularity and relatively affordable property prices compared to other European nations.

This could lead to an increase in demand for holiday homes, rental properties, and even long-term residence investments. As such, Portugal appears primed to witness an upswing not only in tourism but also in property investment in the near future.

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