Peniche (Portugal) Makes Waves As Europe’s Top Surfing Spot

Peniche is perhaps the biggest name in European surfing. Every year, tens of thousands of surfing enthusiasts flock to Supertubos beach to see the world's most prestigious surfing competition unfold.

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Only one hour’s drive north of Lisbon, you’ll discover the sandy beaches and rocky cliffs of Peniche. A 10km peninsula on Portugal’s Silver Coast, Peniche sits on a wild and beautiful landscape, with a rich history of fortresses, fishing, and lacemaking. But it is most famous for being one of the best surf breaks in the world.

Peniche is the westernmost point of Europe and juts out into the North Atlantic, where strong winds give birth to monumental waves.

The city is often referred to as “the City of Surf” and “the Mecca of Surfing”. In fact, the council has actually renamed the municipality the “Capital das Ondas”.

Surfers from all around the world gather here year-round because if there are no waves on one side of the peninsula, there are likely to be some on the other.

Its legendary beach, Praia dos Supertubos, has been selected as one of the best surf spots on the planet, with towering, tubular-shaped waves, and some of the world’s best barrels. The waves at Supertubos are not easy to ride, and only suit surfers of an advanced level. At Subertubos, you’re bound to witness some spectacular breaks—particularly if there’s a wind coming in from the north or northwest.

The Rip Curl Pro Portugal

It comes as no surprise, then, that this unassuming fishing town is actually the spot of the most important professional surfing competition in the world. Since 2009, Peniche has hosted “The Rip Curl Pro Portugal” (an integral part of the World Surf League Tour) at Supertubos beach. During the tournament, the very best surfers compete in barrels ranging from 2 – 12 feet.

Rip Curl Pro usually takes place in October. However, the tournament didn’t take place throughout the pandemic so it was brought forward to spring this year.

The Rip Curl Pro Portugal will continue to bring the world’s best surfers to the beach and dunes of Supertubos—with tens of thousands of fans flocking to support them. The site is open to the public and doesn’t require payment upon entry.

Surfing enthusiasts of a less advanced level might not feel ready to take on the mighty Supertubos, but there are plenty of other surf-worthy beaches to explore. The beautiful coastline of Cantinho Da Baia is great for beginners and rarely without waves. Foz do Arelho is also another good spot for surfers of all levels.

Ultimately, this unique fishing town is worth a visit; particularly in October when Rip Curl Pro unfolds.

Furthermore, as an ideal holiday spot and one of the world’s most popular surfing destinations, Peniche offers year-round rental demand, making it an attractive location to acquire property.

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