3 Reasons to Invest in Overseas Real Estate

There are many great benefits to investing in overseas real estate, but we have rounded up three of the most compelling ones.

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In an increasingly uncertain economic landscape, those with sufficient funds to invest will be looking for a safe haven to put their money to work. One area they may overlook, though, is overseas property investment. For many, this sits in the ‘too hard’ envelope, but it can be easier and more profitable than most people realise. Better still, the benefits go beyond just the financial aspects. So here are three reasons why you should be investing in foreign property. 

  • Expand and protect your wealth

When you invest in overseas property, you diversify your assets and go a step further by reducing your exposure to your home market.

If property prices are soaring at home, you may have better luck looking overseas. Around the world, various countries offer lower prices and more favourable loan terms proving to be particularly popular for younger people. Some places like the UK are in the midst of a housing crisis that is increasingly pricing people out of the market.

If you are looking to invest in property, your home market may sometimes be out of reach. However, in places like Portugal, you will find lower prices, a warm welcome and friendly taxes. 

Some destinations also offer several incentive schemes to attract people as the Golden Visa program. They offer a way for people to obtain the right to remain and eventual European citizenship in exchange for a certain level of investment. The future of these programs may be uncertain as they face growing pressure from the EU, but these locations looking to welcome foreign investors are still finding new ways to make themselves more appealing. 

As a result, regardless of the challenges in the wider economy, if you find the right place and the right deal, you will still be protecting your asset and growing your income.

  • Gain a healthy return 

When you look overseas, you open yourself to greater opportunities. International properties can offer the prospect of a healthy financial return. And that comes in two ways. 

On the one side, it may come from the benefits of rapid price appreciation over the years, especially if you identify some of the up and coming destinations. In Portugal, for example, the area around Porto is becoming increasingly popular as well as the Algarve. Here, you will find plenty of undiscovered beaches, great food and beautiful countryside – everything you could want from a crowd-free destination. 

However, as the world learns to live with COVID 19, the old favourites such as Greece and Spain still offer the prospect of reliable gains. They may come with a higher entry price, but they also see price increases.

And on the other hand, overseas properties also offer the prospect of a regular income from holiday rentals – especially with people getting back into the holiday mood post-pandemic, and can generate high rental yields over 6%.

  • Enjoy a great holiday home 

Last but not least, when you are not earning money in rentals, you will have an incredible holiday destination virtually free of charge. It is a great place to get away and spend some time in the sun. 

Indeed, high-value property investors can enjoy a wonderful lifestyle moving between their portfolio of properties chasing the sun whilst earning a steady and reliable income.

Getting looking now

So there you have it, three compelling reasons to invest in overseas property. But that is only scratching the surface. For a lucrative and reliable investment, which will also give you a free vacation, overseas property investment is hard to beat.

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