Why Montenegro is the New ‘It’ Destination

Montenegro is one of the fastest-growing tourist destinations in the world. It typically sees 2 million tourists per year and is known to attract an affluent crowd of visitors.

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Described by Lord Byron as the “most beautiful encounter between the land and the sea”, Montenegro is a patchwork of sweeping mountains and magical towns dotted along an Adriatic coastline. Its maritime and seafaring history manifests in picturesque stone fishing villages, sumptuous marinas, and grand palaces once home to the wealthy seaman of Montenegro’s past.

From super-yacht marinas to five-star hotels, the region exudes glamour whilst retaining a unique historical charm. It is this combination of the medieval and the modern that has placed Montenegro firmly on the travel map—despite being one of the smallest countries in Europe.

Here, we look at why Montenegro is the place to be.

Transverse the beautiful Bay of Kotor

Boka Kotorska (or Bay of Kotor) curls around the edge of the Adriatic sea on the southwestern coast of Montenegro. The bay resembles a fjord and is characterised by serpentine roads, mountainous cliffs, and villages peppered with ancient sites. Its monasteries and citadels are easy to spot, whilst a wander round the city walls will take you to the famous St John’s Fortress, offering spectacular views of the bay.

Kotor: A Venetian maritime treasure

Adorned with fortifications, the famous town of Kotor is a testament to a time gone by. Whilst under the control of Venice from 1420 to 1797, the town’s maritime trade flourished, and clues of Kotor’s seafaring past can be found in everything from its Venetian Sea Gate to the city’s Maritime Museum.

Once Europe’s best-kept secret, Kotor is now a magnet for tourists. Visitors from all over the world come to explore its endearing Old Town, sample its seafood cuisine and revel in its famous festivals held during the year.

Where super-yachts swim beneath Mt Vrmac

A newcomer to the region, Tivat is the playground for the global rich. Affluent visitors and expats are attracted by Porto Montenegro, the region’s new and mesmerising super-yacht marina which drives foreign investment.

Nestled beneath the gaze of Mt Vrmac, Tivat hosts an impressive collection of luxury hotels, shops, restaurants, and bars, yet it has managed to retain its old-world charm. If you’re looking for somewhere with a carefree ambience, Tivat is the place to go.

The country’s natural beauty and rich history make it a timeless destination that is adored by many. New luxury developments across the region are already attracting a swelling crowd, keen to sit in the lap of luxury and experience Montenegro’s undeniable charm.

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