Should You Consider a Holiday Home?

Let’s be honest. It’s not been the greatest 18 months for holidays. 

With the Covid-19 pandemic putting holidays on hold, travel restrictions and lockdowns, many of us are now thoroughly looking forward to getting away from our own homes. Whether to relax on a staycation, or even travelling further afield thanks to easing overseas travel restrictions, getting away is top of many people’s priorities. 

But now as we return to taking our vacations, you may be considering a more permanent solution such as a holiday home. 

We explore whether a holiday home could be right for you and your family. 

A space of your own

One of the biggest benefits of owning a holiday home is that you have a permanent space to call your own. No more worrying about availability and rising hotel costs. No need to pack the kitchen sink as, if you are not renting out the space, you can have your whole kit including your holiday wardrobe ready and waiting when you arrive. And no more uncertainty over quality. 

The fantastic benefit of using your own holiday home is that you know what to expect, can easily plan your vacation, and it works well for those with families. No more single supplement rooms, or worrying about whether the place you are choosing is safe for kids. 

Rising costs of holidays and availability

Last minute deals, which were previously the staple of holiday cost savings have been practically non-existent for those looking for UK holidays this year. A rising demand and sharp increase in costs has meant that many have had to forgo their holidays all together. 

A holiday home gives peace of mind that a space will be available to you. Whether it’s your planned summer vacation, or should you decide on a last-minute getaway. 

An additional income?

Of course, the flip side of the rising demand means, should you choose to let out your vacation home when not in use, you can make money from rental income. 

Even for those who don’t wish to consistently let out their holiday home, some returns can still be made by offering availability to selected friends or colleagues at a reasonable rate to help to cover some of your costs. 

If you are choosing a holiday home with a view to letting it out, it’s wise to look at demand, tourism and occupancy rates in the location you choose.

Your perfect location

Choosing the location for your holiday home will depend on several factors. It can be as simple as choosing a permanent plot in a place that you love, to making a business decision based on, not only your needs, but the attractiveness of the area as an investment. 

At Benoit we help investors, buyers and those seeking a vacation home to find a perfect property based specifically on your needs. Why not browse our Destination Guides to get a feel for an area? Or take a look at our available portfolio.


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