#SleepOutMCR2018: What We Learned

Sikander Khan, Property Consultant at Benoit Properties’ Manchester spent the night sleeping rough in a disused city centre building as part of the #SleepOutMCR event.

He was amongst hundreds of people who bedded down in the old Victoria Baths in Rusholme to raise funds to help the homeless. Organised by the charity Centrepoint, the event featured live music, free burgers and drinks.

“I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I had no idea that it would be that difficult.” says Sikander.

“I couldn’t sleep all night because the hard floor was incredibly uncomfortable, and my four layers of clothing couldn’t keep away the cold. Walking to the office the morning after and seeing a group of homeless people waking up to start their day – you quickly realise that despite how eye opening the experience was, by participating in the event we have only gained a small window into their ongoing struggle.It really made me think about the day to day challenges that homeless people face. This morning I was so tired it was hard to perform even simple tasks, and I only slept out for one night. We also had the benefit of a sheltered building with security staff on duty – imagine having to sleep in a doorway every night.”

“It’s not hard to see how exhaustion, together with the constant struggle to find food and shelter, could have a major impact on people’s decision making and wellbeing. The experience has made us all the more determined to pursue our plans to help the homeless.”

Benoit Properties’s ‘Roof for a Roof’ scheme ran throughout November to raise money for Centrepoint’s work in Manchester. For each property sold during the month of November, Benoit Properties will donate a sum equivalent to the cost of sponsoring a room for a homeless young person for a year.

To learn more about Centrepoint and the work they do to help the homeless, visit https://centrepoint.org.uk/.


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