The Best Cities in the World, According to Time Out

Time Out asked residents of the world’s city to tell them what was great about where they lived. The results are eye opening. 

Ever wondered where the best cities in the world to live can be found? Well, Time Out has an answer. The guide asked city dwellers around the world to rate the places they live in and some of the surprises might surprise you. 

Glasgow smile

Top of the list is New York along with the usual favourites such as London, Los Angeles, Chicago and Melbourne, but it’s the presence of names such as Glasgow in the top ten which may raise a few eyebrows. Scotland’s second city comes in at eight. 

“It’s comfortably the smallest and rainiest city in the top ten, so Glasgow’s lofty ranking may surprise some,” says the guide. “But not residents, who love Scotland’s biggest metropolis for its dynamic music, clubbing and food scenes and its daft wit and gregariousness.”

Glasgow comes in top for friendliness and affordability and has also made bigger gains than almost any other city. 

“55 percent say it’s changed for the better,” adds the guide, “higher than almost anywhere else. If only Glasgow’s weather looked as bright as its future.” 

You’re so vain

For beauty you might want to head off to Edinburgh where residents appear to be in awe of the architecture. 

“You’re so vain, Edinburgh, you probably think this poll is about you,” writes the guide. “More people here than anywhere else praise their city’s beauty,” while the city also scores highly for pubs and bars. 

Paris, strangely, is both the most and least sociable on the least. In keeping with their stereotypes, Parisians rate their city as the least friendly, but they are also much more likely to go out with their friends. They are also getting more sex than anyone else at an average of 33 times per year with the unsurprising result that they are also the most sleep deprived. Two thirds of Parisians feel they aren’t getting enough kip.  

For movies you should head to the capital of Bollywood. In Mumbai people check out an average of 31 movies every year and 24 shows. 

Bottoms up

The best drinkers can be found in Porto and Manchester. The city which gave us Port packs away more wine than anyone else, and is also the least likely to show signs of slowing down. 

Mancunians, meanwhile, may take pride in being the heaviest drinkers. The city has the highest percentage of drinkers of any city in the world and also the most hangovers with locals spending 25 days a year suffering from the aftereffects. 

New York New York

Last but not least, we come to the world’s number one city: the Big Apple. The city which never sleeps lives up to its name with over 90% of people saying there is always something to do. It’s the most diverse city, the best for culture and prides itself for being the most accepting place in the world. With good scores for eating, drinking and going out it hits just about everything people want to see from a city. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, it is beaten only by Tokyo in the list of cities people most want to visit.


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