The Effects of Influencers on Tourism

If you have so much as glanced at Instagram in the past few years, the chances are that you have seen a travel influencer posing artfully in front of an exotic sunset in an alluring destination. But how are influencers well, influencing the millennial market and beyond when it comes to their location choices when it comes to vacations.

While travel company’s have been using influencers heavily to showcase what they offer – tourist boards are now also very much getting in on the act – leveraging influencers to attract visitors to specific destinations.

And it’s great news for property investors. Influencers have the ability to connect authentically with their audiences. Showcasing destinations, as opposed to traditional resorts or hotels provides an audience who are property agnostic – and instead are focusing on the area – it’s beaches, restaurants and attractions.


Tulum in Mexico has been hitting the headlines as the travel destination of choice for the young jet set. Already popular with celebrities including Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore and Paris Hilton and Sean Pean, it’s now attracting a younger, affluent crowd who want to get in on the Insta action.

According to an article in the Independent, many of the past “Dubai set” have turned to the area over the past year. And it’s a popular destination among the LA influencer scene too, with many fitness influencers choosing to make it their workout space of choice as Tulum’s jungle gym provides the perfect backdrop for an social media worthy photo opp.

A further lure of Tulum is it’s eco credentials with a commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism. This dedication to environmental preservation appeals to many visitors, including the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, who makes regular trips to this Mexican Caribbean town.


Named by both Condé Nast Traveler and Bloomberg as one of the best places to travel back in 2019, Bodrum has been attracting the rich and famous since at least the 1930’s.

Thanks to its mega yacht Marina it’s fast becoming the new playground of the rich and famous, counting Bill Gates, Kate Moss, and Tom Hanks all enjoying the location. While super luxury resorts and mega yacht stays may be a favourite with the Hollywood glitterati – the knock on effect is drawing a younger, trendier crowd.


One cannot mention the celeb effect on a tourist destination without making mention of Cannes.

While of course the Cannes Film Festival has been attracting the great and the good to the region every summer since it’s inception in 1946, there is also a growing influencer culture around the region.

A recent Vanity Fair article took a look behind the scenes of influencer culture in Cannes.


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