The “Greenest” Buildings in the World 2022


As sustainability in architecture becomes increasingly important, a new breed of sustainable buildings is beginning to emerge. Discover 5 of the world’s “greenest” buildings in 2022.

Creating buildings which have a low environmental impact is a challenge that architects and engineers are continuing to meet in increasingly innovative ways, creating spaces which are not just good for the planet, but pleasing to look at, and of course practical for those who live or work within them.

We look at some of the greenest buildings in the world today.

The Bullitt Center, Seattle, Washington, USA

Opened in 2013, The Bullitt Center is made entirely of wood, which sequesters carbon, and has a rainwater harvesting system that recycles grey water for use in toilets and irrigation.

Known as the “greenest commercial building in the world”, the team behind the build worked for over two years to identify products that did not contain Red List chemicals. Solar panels on the roof provide all the electricity needed to power the building.

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One World Trade Center, New York, USA

One World Trade Center is the tallest green building in the world.

It was designed to be highly energy efficient and features a double skin facade and an internal atrium which helps regulate temperatures and reduce the need for artificial lighting. Much of the building’s structure and interior are built from recycled materials, including gypsum boards and ceiling tiles; around 80 per cent of the tower’s waste products are recycled.

One World Trade Center received a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold Certification, making it one of the most environmentally sustainable skyscrapers in the world.

Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai, China

Sometimes referred to as the “Bottle Opener” thanks to its distinctive shape, the Shanghai World Financial Center is a LEED-certified office building. The building has an innovative double-skin facade that helps to regulate indoor temperatures and an advanced wastewater treatment system that recycles greywater for toilet flushing systems.

La Torre Iberdrola, Bilbao, Spain

Another building possessing the prestigious LEEDS certificate, Torre Iberdrola has contracted all of its energy use through IBERDROLA Green Energy, which comes exclusively from 100% certified renewable energy sources.

The architecture of the building itself is energy efficient with ventilation being part of the building façade.

Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, Canada

The Vancouver Convention Centre is the world’s greenest convention centre and was designed to be carbon neutral. It has a 6-acre living roof, which is the largest in Canada, and low-emitting materials were used throughout the construction process. On a day-to-day basis, the centre runs a facility-wide recycling programme and operates a kitchen that offers fresh, seasonal and most importantly local ingredients.

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