Three Top Festivals in Thailand

There’s nothing the Thai’s like more than a good festival. Here are three of the best events happening throughout November.

Fancy some winter sun? Then how about heading to Thailand? Not only will you escape the cold back in Blighty, but if you go in November you’ll be treated to a collection of must-see festivals. From feasting monkeys to spectacular lantern displays, November in Thailand is a special time indeed. 

Loy Krathong

Aside from Thai New Year, Loy Krathong is one of the country’s most popular holidays. This spectacular festival of lights starts with people gathering around lakes, rivers, canals or any water source they can to release a flotilla of candlelit vessels called Krathongs. These, they believe, carry away misfortune, clearing the way for a fresh start in life. All eyes will be trained on the little candles on the boats. If they stay lit until you can no longer see it, you’ll be blessed with good luck next year. 

One of the best places to see it is in Bangkok where the Chao Phraya River plays host to the Loy Krathong celebrations. Expect a lot of fun, partying, boat processions, firework displays and workshops where you can learn to make your very own Krathong. 

Yi Peng Festival

If you enjoyed Krathong, then we have some good news. At the same time, Thai’s celebrate one of the most spectacular festivals festivals of their calendar – Yi Peng. Also known as the lantern festival, this was unique to northern Thailand and used to be a separate event in its own right. Today, though, it runs simultaneously as Krathong. 

It serves to celebrate the end of the rainy season and sees people releasing Khom loy, (floating lanterns) into the night sky. Seeing hundreds of blazing lanterns ascending into the moonlit sky is probably one of the more memorable sights you’ll see on your trip.

It’s celebrated across Northern Thailand but the best place to see it is in Chiang Mai with festivities lasting over three days. Expect to see a lot of religious events, parades and other cultural activities along side the release of the famous fire lanterns. 

Lopburi Monkey Festival

The Lopburi macaques who scurry around temples and hassle tourists are so famous, they have their own festival. The appropriately named Lopburi Monkey Festival is an annual banquet thrown in their honour. Every year, to celebrate the Hindu money god Hanuman, the monkeys are treated to huge tables of fruit, salad and other delights. Sit back, relax and watch the chaos as the monkeys descend on the feast. Remember – keep your valuables safe. Given half a chance, these critters will be off and away with them.


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