Why Airport Concierge Services are All the Rage

Forget the frequent flyers or the wealthy one percenters, now everyone wants in on the airport concierge experience.

It’s no coincidence, the late great Douglass Adams once said, that the phrase ‘pretty as an airport’ has never been used. From the days when aircraft first started taking passengers, the process of getting on the damn things has been getting more stressful by the year. 

With rising passenger numbers, increased security requirements and limited space, the customer experience of flying by air has become incredibly stressful. Indeed, one survey suggested making your way through an airport was more stressful than moving house. With COVID-19 bringing with it all sorts of unpleasant restrictions, things are getting even worse. There have been horror stories of malfunctioning check-in gates and five hour queues. 

Small wonder people have had enough. For the average holiday maker the airport represents the final, highly unpleasant, obstacle before you reach the freedom of your destination. Coming back it’s an unpleasant reminder that the fun is all over and real life resumes. 

All this raises an important question: how much would you be willing to pay to make this all a little easier? £50, £100? Given that you’re on holiday and committed to wrecking your finances in any case, many people are deciding to pay more to make things a little easier. 

This is great news if you’re an airport concierge service. There are a growing number of companies sprouting up which help people skip the queues and reduce the stresses and strains of the average holiday. 

For a fee – depending on the level of service – they can meet you when you arrive, help you with your luggage, help you bypass the queues at immigration, sort out any duty free or VAT refunds and escort you to the gate or the lounge. 

When you arrive at an airport, they can also be there to help you skip the queues at customs and escort you to whatever form of transport you’re using. Someone can also help you with connecting flights, meeting you airside and help you with rechecking in and through security. 

This all used to be reserved for the wealthy or frequent flyers with club membership. However, so bad has the airport experience got that more people are getting in on the act. New premium services are being launched which brings this service – or various levels of it – down to a price tag which will tempt ordinary flyers. 

For airports, meanwhile, this represents one way in which they can improve the passenger experience. This is a valuable commodity for both airports and airlines. People have more choice now than ever, and they have shown themselves to be willing to change their choices based on poor experiences. If an airport or airline can make life a little easier at the airport, people will be much more likely to choose them in the future. 

The game, therefore, is changing. As the flying experience is getting worse, more and more people are willing to fork out a little extra to avoid the crush. As they do, more and more companies are offering services to help them.


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