Why Tulum is the Place to be Seen

What was once a quiet backwater known to only a few adventurous travellers has become a thriving spiritual retreat for anyone rich, trendy and sophisticated.

Mexico’s real estate market is booming and one of the most exciting locations is the laid back, hippie escape of Tulum. Once upon a time, this was a magical back water known only by a few adventurous back packers. They came for the beautiful beaches, wonderful weather and the laid back off the beaten track lifestyle.

A few decades later and things have changed. Where the hippie travellers led in the 70s, many others have followed. This once sleepy town has become a favourite haunt for millionaire entrepreneurs, artists, the fashion industry and trendy wealthy New Yorkers. They come here for the weather, the beaches, the scenery and the growing number of plush hotels designed to cater to their every whim.

Although no longer the affordable, eclectic, holiday destination it once was, Tulum has done much to keep its original spirit alive. In essence, this place shows you what happens when hippies get rich. The region has modelled itself as a luxury spiritual getaway. You can shower under trees in your own private outdoor rooms or have a sauna in native American huts before taking in a power Yoga class or practicing some Buddhist chanting. It’s luxury decadence with a sheen of spirituality. It has become a prestige place which comes with its own sense of bragging rights.

If you say you were in Tulum, you’re not only telling people that you have the kind of money to stay in these places, but that you’re a laid back, spiritual and sophisticated kind of person.

Away from the luxury hotels, budget visitors can still head into the town of Tulum where the charming streets, independent restaurants and small independent shops present a quieter and more relaxed contrast to the noise and hubbub of Cancun.

History lovers will enjoy the Mayan ruins which can be seen all around. This was once the location of an ancient Mayan town situated on top of a cliff and you can still see the astonishingly well-preserved ruins to this day. There are plenty more sites to see with day trips to the nearby Chichén Itzá, Coba and El Rey.

The surrounding jungle is bursting with wildlife from the small and friendly spider moneys to the somewhat larger and less friendly Jaguars. Meanwhile, magnificent looking iguanas can be seen sunning themselves on the Mayan ruins.

For those who like a bit of adventure, the Yucatan peninsula also has the world’s largest number of Cenotes – underwater sink holes which are considered sacred by the Maya. Known for their beautiful clear blue water they were formed when limestone was erodes to create magical pools, perfect for snorkelling, swimming or diving. With an ancient ceiling of stalactites above you, there are few more magical swimming pools to take a dip.

Tulum, then, has a huge amount to offer. It has incredibly beautiful beaches, spectacular scenery, a rich history and wonderful wildlife. With more people coming every year, Tulum’s popularity shows no signs of dying down.


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