Yacht Tours and Water Sport Adventures on the Tuscan Coast


People from all over the world are drawn to Tuscany’s various charms—namely its spectacular landscapes and rich culture. But something you may not know is that the Tuscan coast is a particular haven for yacht tours and water sport adventures.

Tuscany is one of Italy’s most popular regions and an adored holiday location. It attracts millions of visitors every year with its fascinating cities, magnificent architecture, wealth of cultural treasures and irresistible landscapes.

And with many well-equipped water sports centres, there is a great selection of activities to be enjoyed on Tuscany’s glistening waters—from kayaking to scuba diving to breath-taking yacht tours along the Tuscan coast.


Who would’ve known that white-water rapids are just 30 minutes away from downtown Florence? The Sieve River is great for both beginners and more experienced rafters, pairing serene waters with some thrilling stretches.

If you’re looking for a unique way to experience the striking views of Florence, you can enjoy a calming rafting experience over the Arno and drift under four of the city’s most iconic bridges.

Paddle Boarding

As an alternative to rafting, you can also navigate through Florence’s iconic bridges and cityscapes via a paddle boarding tour, offering a leisurely and relaxing cruise along the river—another truly unforgettable way to view the beautiful Renaissance city.

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The Tuscan Archipelago National Park is home to seven beautiful islands known as the ‘Seven Sisters’. You can explore these islands via a chartered yacht.

The largest and most-frequented island is Elba, where you can go hiking or scuba diving, relax on its beaches or visit Napoleon’s homes. Caprai is a smaller, rugged island with charming scenery and lots of wildlife.


Monte Argentario is the perfect spot for kayaking, particularly along the shores from Porto Santo Stefano to Porto Ercole. Navigating the crystal-clear waters, you’ll pass cliffs, sandy beaches, and picture-perfect coves on your route along the Tuscan coastline.

If you enjoy kayaking, you might also like to take part in a tour to the breath-taking Elba Island in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. Here you can take in sweeping panoramas, learn about the island’s fascinating ecosystem and take a refreshing dip in the water at its beautiful natural beaches.

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Scuba diving off Giannutri Island

Snorkellers and scuba divers will love Giannutri, the southernmost island of the Tuscan archipelago. It is home to warm Mediterranean waters teeming with vibrant fish and coral, and even old shipwrecks which can be visited with expert divers.


With shallow waters and rocky outcrops, Baratti Beach offers an ideal setting for water sport adventures. Thanks to a vast sheltered space, windsurfers can raise their sails safely before taking them out to sea (which is especially useful when the wind is higher at the beginning of the year).


Cayoning is a water sport you’re less likely to have come across. It involves navigating descents by foot into narrow canyons with streams or creeks. Two amazing spots in Tuscany are Garfagnana and the Lima Valley, which provide perfect opportunities for jumping, diving and abseiling amid unspoiled scenic views.

This unique activity is an opportunity to explore incredible natural surroundings that are otherwise inaccessible. Alternatively, river trekking involves walking along the river with some easier jumps and dives, making it a great alternative for families or those less experienced.

Water sports offer a unique way to experience Tuscany’s natural beauty. Whether you’re a nature-lover or a thrill-seeker, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to water sport adventures on the Tuscan coast.

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